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released January 1, 2015



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IN FROM THE COLD Belgrade, Serbia

Sludge/stoner metal band from Belgrade, Serbia....

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Track Name: Firewater Ritual
In the midnight hour
Ceremony begins
Black candles burning
Sign of the horns
Green smoke rising
Red light visions
Image of a goat
We stand in circle

24 shots
And we’re ready
I take my axe
And swing it

Firewater ritual
Fire burns within
Holy medicine

Firewater ritual
Meditation blues
Chants of the cursed
Track Name: How Far Is The Sun?
The game is over, case is clear
Still I run for one more shot
So I can roll the dice one more time
Maybe there's still chance for me to shine

I stand empty, weary
But i dig that hole with smile
With bloodshot eyes, asking
How far is the sun?

The game is over, I'm sinking deeper
Face down in shit, with one last wish
Just let me roll that dice one more time
Maybe there's still chance for me to shine

And remember
Always keep one coin for the ferryman
It's your last ride
Track Name: I'll Die My Way
It’s a kind of an urge
A primal thing
Fuckin’ question of survival

Sabers set on “kill”
I pull out my Axe

Can’t take me
Can’t break me
Can’t hold me down

No wall you build can stop me
And every time you kill me –
I’ll return

Fuck you
I’ll die my way
With smile on my face
Track Name: Sista Bottle, Brotha Bong
Beaten Down, Hard, By the World
...Rock Bottom, In Pain, Alone

J.D. & a Lighter
Spark Another Owl

Sista Bottle, Brotha Bong
Gonna Help Me Carry On

Gonna Drink My Pain Away
Gonna Smoke My Troubles Away
Track Name: The Shadow
Whiskey breath
Solid ground

The pack
The job
Sex and love

The will to progress
To push forward

To crack
When it comes back
To haunt you

I pulled out my gun
As the shadow returned
Frozen scream in the mirror
I'm ready to bury it, one more time
Track Name: Cthulhu Fhtagn
All the people gather, the waves are calling
Its majesty’s coming

Time has come to step beyond this world
Step into the life eternal

Thousands of mortal souls, on the shore
Waiting faithfuly

Eyes closed
Sending prayers to the sea

It’s the return
Reclaiming the throne
The One Supreme
Cthulhu Fhtagn

Bow down to the great ones
Sacrifice the unborns

Crush the unbelievers, destroy ’em all
Only we can follow
Track Name: News From The Sewers
You’ll need good boots
’Cause We’re neck-deep in mudd
Empty pockets & dirty faces

It’s just a regular day
Kid got stabbed on the corner
My friend got his shoes

Some of them drink
Some of them smoke
He’s chasing dragons
Trying hard to forget
Or to be forgotten

And we don’t need more
We just need it today
Don’t believe in tomorrow
It’s so far away
Track Name: And The Colours Fade
It’s the dream I have
All nice colours and sounds
You’re there too
It’s really fun

Makes me forget these walls
Ignore the stench
Makes me breath (live)

I tried to lookaway
Keep the beast in its cage
It was just a flash of the blade
The sound muted & the colours fade

It’s the dream I have
All nice colours and sounds
You’re there too
It’s really fun
It can ease the pain
In those lonely nights of
Sending prayers to the night sky

Nothing remains but pain
And the deafening sound of silence
Track Name: Maelstrom Vortex
Black water rages
Mountain waves
Doom ascending
Horizon breaks
To watch in splendor
How it grows
To watch in horror
How it hunts the sky

...Maelstrom awaits...
...Maelstrom awakes...

It’s getting closer
It’s pulling me in
I embrace my faith
In loving serenity
Entwined in black
I close my eyes
Crossing the bridge
’twin time & eternity

...Maelstrom awaits...
...Maelstrom awakes...

Pulling me down
Into abyss
Under the waves
Total darkness